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Our journey as an artisan bakery started in 2015 when we created our first homemade recipe, the Signature Classic Cinnamon Rolls and there’s nothing like our smooth dough and rich cream cheese as the finishing touch.

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Signature Classic Cinnamon Rolls info - about us

It all began in 2015 when we started to create our first homemade Cinnamon Rolls recipe. The business grew quickly thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit and passion from both our founders and cinnamon rolls fans in Klang Valley. We made it through word-of-mouth and went amongst our close circle from a homemade bakery to become the big brand we are today.

By deconstructing the traditional recipes, we source the finest ingredients for daily baking in small batches. The rolls that we make are not only fluffy but easier to digest. Once our bakes are out of the oven, we encase them with melting toppings that will tickle your taste buds and satiate your sweet tooth.

In 2020, we have opened the doors of our first artisan bakery outlet in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam for Cinnamon Rolls lovers to enjoy our modern industrial Northern Europe ambiance while indulging in our selection of Cinnamon Roll’s varieties.

Alternatively, we also serve Swedish Knots Polish Bapka, Bear Claw, Assorted Bagels, and a selection of bagels in our All-Day Breakfast Menu for people who prefer other types of pastries for their ‘fika’. Over time we are expanding the line of our taste to serve unique pastries we believe are loved by everyone.


Homebaker At Clover Bukit Jelutong (2020)


Consequently, we have been kicking our plans into high gear in 2021 to open more outlets in different community areas, starting with our second artisan bakery outlet in Eco Ardence, Setia Alam so that you will get to have the pastries that you crave from any of our nearby Clover outlets.

If you have been a part of our journey, you are the bee’s knees. Words are not enough to describe how thankful we are for the chance to bring happiness into your life and we are pleased to have more Cinnamon Lovers visit us along our journey as an artisan bakery. 

Homebaker At Clover Eco Ardence (2021)

We started our year 2022 by recruiting our wonderful staff and launching our first headquarter right above our first outlet in Bukit Jelutong. With the talented team at the headquarter, we seek to venture outside of our Cinnamon Rolls store by introducing the Licensee Programme where we gather like-minded people to expand the Clover brand outside of Klang Valley.

Now we have more than 20 outlets within two years’ time, with the help of our trusted licensee and management team. You can be a part of us too in the future and help us to deliver our home-baked cinnamon rolls to our dearest Clovers. 


Homebaker At Clover Headquarters (2022)

Homebaker At Clover Licensee (2022)


Our founders


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Rosli Manaf

Chief Executive Officer

Bachelor’s Degree from Wyoming University USA | MBA from Ohio University USA

Mawar Hariaety

Managing Director

Bachelor’s Degree from University Malaya | Masters from IMU Malaysia

You Asked We Answer

For storage :
  1. Room temperature (3 to 5 days) in an airtight container
  2. Fridge/chiller (up to 7 days)
  3. Freezer (1 month)

The best way is to keep it in the freezer to maintain its texture.

View the instruction video on our Youtube channel!

To eat it warm, it needs 10 to 30 seconds in the microwave. You can direct reheat it with the box.

View the instruction video on our Youtube channel!

The cinnamon rolls can be dry in several factors:
  • It has been possibly been exposed to the air.
  • Not kept in an airtight container.
  • It is possible for the cinnamon rolls to turn dry when stored in the chiller.

View the instruction video on our Youtube channel!

You can simply go to our Order page and find our delivery partners on the page!
OR you can order the Cinnamon Rolls on their own platforms:

We started to create our first homemade recipe, the Original Cinnamon Rolls and there’s nothing like our smooth dough and rich cream cheese as the finishing touch. By focusing on the art of artisanal bakery, we have now created more varieties for the community to savour. Our pastries are designed to be a tantalising treat for your day.

We understand your concerns. We have applied and it is still in process. Due to our fast expansion of the outlets, it will take time for us to receive the certificate.

However, we are a Muslim-owned company and the founders are Muslims. We have already applied strict measures in terms of ingredients since the start of our business in order to serve our customers equally.

You can apply here on our Opportunity page and fill in the form.

You can apply here on our Opportunity page and fill in the form. Or visit us on our LinkedIn account to see more vacancies available.

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