Cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

Want to get the goodies delivered to your house? We got you! Choose your preferred delivery partners to order cinnamon rolls online for takeaway and delivery! 

We are open for take away. pickup. drive in. delivery.

Drive-in & Takeaway

Do you ever face busy traffic, no parking, bad weather, bringing your child along, or being in a hurry? We all have been there! 
Save time by clicking the selected outlets below to order your favorite cinnamon rolls. We will prepare it fresh for you!

SS15 Subang Jaya

Drive-in & Takeaway

Bangi Sentral

Drive-in & Takeaway

Celebrate with friends & family!

Come and cater with us! We have big trays of various types of cinnamon roll flavors to serve for awesome parties! With our big cinnamon roll pile, you will not celebrate any other way around!

Want a memorable dine-in experience?

We always serve warm and soft fresh-made cinnamon rolls on the spot. Come and find our Homebaker at Clover outlets nearby you!

How to prepare Clover cinnamon rolls at home

We at Homebaker At Clover will assist you from our doorstep to yours. To serve it best at home, we suggest you heat the cinnamon rolls in the microwave. Watch more videos on how to set up your cinnamon rolls at home.