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Homebaker@Clover CEO Rosli Manaf

Curious minds often wonder why Homebaker@Clover exclusively prioritizes selling cinnamon rolls at all its outlets. Today, we invite you to join us in a secret impromptu chat with our CEO, Rosli Manaf where he shared his perspective on this strategic decision and sheds light on the path ahead for the artisan bakery brand.

Question: “Why does Homebaker@Clover choose to exclusively prioritize selling only cinnamon rolls at all its outlets, and not any other cafe food items?”
“Focusing solely on one niche product in a niche market is not just a strategic choice, it’s an imperative that holds profound significance for building a strong brand. By honing our expertise and dedicating our resources to perfecting a single product, to us this cinnamon rolls. We strongly believe we can create a distinctive identity that resonates deeply with our target audience.”
“When we immerse ourselves in a specific niche, we will develop, over time, a profound understanding of our customers’ needs, preferences, and pain points. We become attuned to the nuances of the market, positioning ourselves slowly in the mainstream as the go-to solution provider. This level of specialisation instills confidence and trust in our brand, elevating our perceived value.”
“It’s the only way to go for, what my mentor said to me last night, a CSG, Consistent Sustainable Growth is what all businesses should work towards. We do business not for the short-term gain and the fun to see how to make quick money.”
“Introducing products outside our niche can have detrimental effects on our brand. Dilution of brand value is one such consequence. By venturing into unrelated offerings, we risk diluting the unique positioning and expertise we have cultivated. Customers may begin to question our commitment and authenticity, eroding the trust we have painstakingly built.”
“Moreover, diversifying our product offering can inadvertently open the doors to increased competition. By expanding into common products that you can get elsewhere, we invite direct competition with established players who may possess better products and a deeper understanding of those markets. Our focus becomes divided, and our resources spread thin, potentially compromising the quality and differentiation that set us apart.”
“Indirectly, this competition can impact sales and market share. Our energy, attention, and resources that were once devoted solely to our niche product may now be diverted to fighting for relevance in unfamiliar territories. This diversion weakens our ability to fully capitalise on our niche market, leaving room for competitors to gain an advantage.“
“To preserve our Homebaker@Clover brand’s strength and maximise sales potential, it is essential to stay committed to our niche product, yes, only cinnamon rolls, and we’ll develop varieties around it. Only one inch wide, but one kilometer deep. By steadfastly focusing on our core offering, we consolidate our expertise, reinforce our market position, and enhance our brand value. It allows us to deliver unparalleled quality, maintain customer loyalty, and ensure sustainable long-term success.”
“In essence, embracing the imperative of a singular focus on a niche product within a niche market secures our brand’s identity, shields us from diluted brand value, mitigates direct competition, and enables us to thrive in the marketplace we have meticulously carved out in our 3-5-10 year plans.”
Question: “Yesterday, you did mention three priorities in your journey. Now that you have highlighted the “building a strong brand” part, what lies ahead in your next steps?”
“With a strong brand foundation in place, still under construction always, the next crucial step is to build consistent Marketing strategies and deliver exceptional Customer Experience. This one is a bit challenging. These elements go hand in hand, as they reinforce the brand’s essence and create lasting impressions.
By aligning marketing efforts, also masih ongoing, with the brand’s values and promise, we can effectively communicate our unique selling propositions and engage with our target audience. Simultaneously, prioritising exceptional customer experiences can foster loyalty, advocacy, and repeat business. It is paramount to hold steadfast to our brand identity and promise, for it serves as the guiding light that ensures all marketing efforts and customer interactions are aligned, cohesive, and impactful.
Through this unwavering dedication, we can forge lasting connections, drive growth, and solidify our position as a brand of choice in the hearts and minds of our customers.”
Question: “On a lighter note, can you please share with us the story of how you started your business and what led you to choose cinnamon rolls as your specialty at Homebaker@Clover?”
“Absolutely. The story of how our business began is quite serendipitous, but it all started in 2015 when my wife Mawar was pregnant with our youngest son, Aydin. During her pregnancy, she had an intense craving for cinnamon rolls. Surprisingly, we had a difficult time finding a convenient place to buy them. As someone who enjoys baking and is always up for a challenge, I decided to take matters into my own hands and bake a batch myself. I turned to YouTube to learn the art of making cinnamon rolls, and to my delight, the attempt was a success.”
“From that moment on, I found joy in baking cinnamon rolls for our family and friends at gatherings and parties. Soon enough, people began requesting that I bake cinnamon rolls for them as well. It started as a small-scale venture, taking orders from individuals whenever they asked, and baking at nights, while I continued my career in a telecommunications company.” [smile]
“Fast forward to 2019 when my wife and I found ourselves facing financial difficulties. It was during this challenging period that we had an idea to turn our passion for baking cinnamon rolls into a serious business venture. Cinnamon rolls were the one thing I knew I was good at, and we decided to capitalize on that. We began marketing our cinnamon rolls as a part-time home business through social media.”
“To our surprise, the demand for our cinnamon rolls took off. And then came the unexpected turn of events—the global pandemic. Despite the difficulties faced by many businesses, our sales soared. It was a turning point for us. We realised that we needed a dedicated space to handle the increasing baking needs, and that’s when we made the bold decision to open a small cafe with a bakery kitchen in October 2020, right in the midst of the pandemic.”
“But our decision to specialize in cinnamon rolls went beyond a simple love for baking. As we delved deeper into understanding the market, we identified a gap that we could fill. I developed a brand plan that would position our cinnamon rolls uniquely, offering something different from what was already available. With our newfound clarity and determination, we never looked back.”
“And that’s how our business journey began. From a pregnancy craving to a chain of bakery cafes, our passion for cinnamon rolls has guided us every step of the way. It’s incredible to see how a simple delight can bring joy to so many people, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to share our love for cinnamon rolls with the world.”
Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our Newsroom page as we continue to shape the future of Homebaker@Clover!

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