Little Caliphs Baking Day Event

Little Caliphs Baking Day BJ Clover

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Little Caliphs Bukit Jelutong to organize a baking event called “Little Caliphs Baking Day” for the kids. Three staff members from Homebaker At Clover joined hands with Little Caliphs Bukit Jelutong teachers to conduct the event. To kickstart the event, we prepared 200 pieces of mini cinnamon rolls to be used for the activities.

The event commenced at 10:00 am, with a sharing session and a cinnamon toppings tutorial from our side. The kids were advised by their school teachers to bring their own food containers and utensils to either eat or pack them home to share with their families.

At 10:30 am, the kids were divided into their respective classes to start decorating the provided ready-made mini cinnamon rolls, with the assistance of their classroom teacher. During this session, the kids showed their own talents and creativity to decorate the cinnamon rolls with the toppings available.

It was an absolute honor for us to see the happy faces and excitement of the kids while they were decorating their version of the cinnamon rolls. The event was a resounding success, taking three and a half hours to complete, and the kids were able to bring back their craft home. We are grateful to Little Caliphs Bukit Jelutong for the opportunity to collaborate and for the chance to spread joy and happiness to the kids.

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