Discover the Art and Science of Coffee: A Journey at Training Centre Homebaker@Clover

Coffee Training

Have you ever wondered what it takes to craft that perfect cup of coffee? The aroma, the flavors, the delicate balance of each element coming together in a harmonious symphony. At Training Centre Homebaker@Clover in Bukit Jelutong, we recently hosted an immersive and educational coffee training program that delved deep into the world of coffee, introducing participants to the art and science behind this beloved beverage.

From 9am to 5pm, participants embarked on an 8-hour journey filled with hands-on experiences, enriching knowledge sharing, and a whole lot of coffee appreciation. Led by highly experienced baristas, this training program was designed to cater to all levels of expertise, from coffee enthusiasts to aspiring baristas.

Throughout the day, participants were introduced to a wide range of topics and activities, each aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the coffee world. Here are some of the highlights from our coffee training program:

Hands-on Experience: The participants had the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and get hands-on with the barista equipment. Under the guidance of our expert trainers, they learned various brewing methods, honed their grinding skills, and perfected their espresso extraction techniques.

Exploring Coffee Origins: We took a journey around the world, exploring the origins of coffee beans and the unique characteristics they possess. From the highlands of Ethiopia to the hills of Colombia, participants discovered the fascinating stories behind each region and the impact they have on the flavor profiles of the coffee.

The Art of Latte and Espresso: Creating latte art is a true form of craftsmanship, and our participants learned the artistry behind it. They mastered the techniques of milk steaming, creating velvety micro-foam, and pouring intricate designs onto the surface of their lattes. The beauty of latte art truly captured their imagination and showcased their creativity.

Milk Steaming and Texturing: A crucial skill for any aspiring barista, milk steaming and texturing were thoroughly explored during the training program. Participants learned how to achieve the perfect consistency and temperature, ensuring that their cappuccinos and lattes were smooth and creamy, elevating the overall coffee experience.

Flavor Profiling: Developing a discerning palate is essential in the world of coffee. Participants were guided through sensory exercises, learning to detect subtle flavor nuances and understanding the impact of variables such as grind size, extraction time, and water temperature. The art of flavor profiling allowed them to appreciate the depth and complexity of specialty coffees.

Menu Creation and Coffee Pairing: Coffee is not just a beverage; it can be a culinary adventure. Participants discovered the art of menu creation, exploring how different coffees can be paired with delectable baked goods to enhance flavor profiles and create memorable taste experiences. Unleashing their creativity, they designed unique coffee menus that showcased their newfound knowledge and skills.

Upon successful completion of the coffee training program, participants were awarded the prestigious Barista Guild Asia Certification, a recognition of their dedication and expertise in the field of coffee.

For those who missed out on this incredible coffee training program, fear not! We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening up new intakes soon. If you’re passionate about coffee and eager to learn the art and science behind it, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Don’t miss the opportunity to become a certified barista and unlock a world of possibilities in the coffee industry.

To secure your spot in the next intake of our coffee training program, please reach out to us via WhatsApp or via our Contact page. Get ready to dive deep into the world of coffee and embark on a transformative experience that will forever change the way you appreciate and create this beloved beverage.

Let’s brew, learn, and savor the magic of coffee together!

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